• Title SEOBO EDITION 99 + NFT Guarantee Global
  • Components Edition artwork, Warranty, NFT guarantee and QR code sticker, Paper of introduction to the artwork, Free streaming coupon, Sample paper
  • Edition No. Edition No. 1~99 (We will send it randomly)
  • Edition Size full 1350(h) x 933(w) mm / half 910(h) x 628(h) mm
  • Paper Fresco Giclee
  • Ecriture No. Ecriture 161217
  • Date 2016


Ecriture 161217
Around early 2000s, the artist replaced the zigzag style with a new pattern of simple and clean vertical lines. While the zigzag Ecriture works involve the natural and spontaneous interaction between the hand and the mind, his later Ecriture works break away from the complicated patterns and feature simple and jotted vertical lines with a three-dimensional look. The texture of jotted vertical lines represents the endless changes of nature just like the widening ripples on a pond. The later Ecriture works from the mid-2000s onwards feature jotted texture and more vibrant colours. The artist keeps exploring the colours from nature and uses them actively in his paintings. “I was simply speechless. It looked as if the whole valley was on fire and I felt like the burning fireball was rolling towards me to engulf me. I was deeply moved and decided to paint that intense experience.” “The following day, I went for a walk along a lake in another mountain. It was such a fine day. Against the light, the autumn leaves seemed to be saturated with fluorescent red colour while the ones in shady spots took on a blackish hue. What a work of nature! No one can paint the red Ecriture better than me.”


Edition artwork

full 1350(h) x 933(w) mm / half 910(h) x 628(h) mm
  • 1 Edition artwork
  • 2 Paper of introduction to Streaming
  • 3 Paper of introduction to the artwork
  • 4 Warranty
  • 5 Paper Sample
  • 6 QR code sticker


The Warranty is supervised by artist Park, Seo-bo, and the edition of Ecriture 161217 is also confirmed by him.

NFT guarantee and QR code

The NFT guarantee guarantees the uniqueness and originality of the original author’s autograph. You can own the intangible rights for this Edition for the rest of your life. The NFT guarantee guarantees original verification and transparency of transactions by storing the history of transfer of ownership on the blockchain. Even if the artwork is damaged, the current owner may request a re-production of the Edition at the cost on the condition when the damaged original Edition is returned. However, requests for re-production of lost works are not possible under any circumstances.

How to register for your NFT guarantee

  • 1. Scan Code
  • 2. Input Information
  • 3. Complete
  • 1 Very economical.
  • 2 There is no risk of accidents such as contamination, damage, disposal, or loss.
  • 3 Reproduction and forgery/modulation are not possible, so the role of work guarantee can be strengthened.
  • 4 It can be transferred to another buyer when selling the work.
  • 5 Permanent storage of ownership history ensures transaction transparency.

Free streaming coupon

We give the streaming benefit to customers who have purchased the edition to digitally see Park Seo-Bo’s artworks. You can enjoy Park Seo-Bo’s artworks along with classical music. In addition, If you have a smart TV you can see his artworks as UHD-level high-resolution. For more detailed information, please contact help@patron.digital.


The advice from the artist on how to frame the edition is as follows.
  • 1. Lift the edition artwork 20-30mm from the bottom of the frame.
  • 2. Leave a margin of 50-70mm between the frame and the edition artwork inside. So it can create a natural sense of space to make your edition stand out more.

TYPE OF THE PAPER : Fresco Giclee

Fresco Giclee

Fresco Giclee is a printing-only paper that applies the fresco mural technique of the Renaissance era using plaster. It has excellent color retention. Consequently, it shows vividness as if you were looking at the original painting without glass.
  • Caution
  • Do not fold the paper to prevent the plaster from cracking, which can cause irreversible damage and produce powdery particles. Give it a test using the enclosed sample paper.
  • Notice of the government tax
  • Tariffs may occur if the total purchase amount exceeds $200
        (U.S. Standard List Customs Clearance Products) / $150 (U.S. General Customs Products and Outside the U.S.).
  • After receiving the product, the buyer should file a tax return yourself.
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