Haengunyusu : Floating clouds in the sky and Flowing water restlessly That means endless change of things

1. flow

The round clouds slowly drifted away from the sky. From bottom to top, from left to right, or somewhere else. Either way, it just goes in one direction. With empty eyes, I straightened my bent back and looked up at the sky. Where did I see that? It’s like a lump of dust that rolls under the bed in my room, or paper shavings that have been shredded by a shredder and piled up on the floor. Anyway, what does it matter, the clouds will keep moving and I’ll go to work. It rained yesterday and I can hear the sound of water coming from the pipes stuck to the building. Rainwater dripping down the drain hole, hugging a pile of dirt.

 As in the lyrics of Shin Hae-chul’s song <Modern people>, no one speaks, and he just lives his life entrusted to him. They just flow without knowing where they are going. A sigh of bitterness leaks out from the very end of the stomach. ‘If this were the case, I would be born with clouds or water, I wouldn’t even work.’ Many modern people are thinking of their lives as a ‘wheeling wheel’ and feeling mannerism about repeating the same tasks and actions at the same time every day. The boredom and skepticism they feel in the repetition of the same life can also shatter their will to live. Today I lived the same life as yesterday, and tomorrow I will live the same life as today, so why should I keep walking along the given path of life? Why should I live?

 Lee Jong-ho’s works are also characterized by the ‘repetition’ that we constantly encounter in our lives. However, unlike my life like yesterday and today, his work gives us something fun. Why? And can’t I find the fun of loving my life in his work?

2. difference and repetition

Have you ever been addicted to a song and listened to it constantly? There are many reasons for listening to the same song over and over, but the most fundamental is finding differences in the same song without even realizing it. If you focus on the melody at first, when you hear it again, the lyrics touch you, and then you can see the speaker’s heart hidden in the lyrics, or you can hear the sound of an instrument you haven’t heard before. So we’re not actually listening to the same music over and over again.


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Peonies in full bloom are growing on the ground. It bends the sky and the sky as the wind blows away the clouds. One minute is short if it is short or long if it is long. And if you go back to the beginning, this time you will see Taekwon V the robot, which is flying slowly with his one hand extended. Then you will see people waving on the ground, then trees growing on fallen peony petals, people sitting on clouds, and butterflies flying around the peonies. The meaningful repetition of good works does not stop here. You will feel the joy of the person waving your hand, and this feeling will make you feel sorry for him when you reach the end of the video.you can be assimilated by the people who enjoy riding on clouds and waving their feet without realizing it and you can have a peaceful mind. In this way, repetition creates newness as you discover the differences.

a trip in Korean folktales

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Traveling in famous German paintings

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After enjoying a fantastic trip and reaching the end, <Journey in Folklore>, which continues for the first time, also has some differences in repetition and makes viewers feel fun. As if riding a monorail in an amusement park to see the scenery, this work repeats the journey so that the viewer can discover more and less differences. The same is true of <Journey in a German Masterpiece>. This work, which is based on the famous paintings of Caspar David Friedrich (1774~1840), such as <Winter Landscape>, <Cathedral>, and <Wanderer on the Sea of Fog>, is also based on many more masterpieces like ‘Finding Hidden Objects’. ‘, push you into the yoke of travel so that you can find them.

3. Like water, like clouds

Same bridle, different life. What can we do to free ourselves from the present suffering we are experiencing? Can’t we find a message that we can apply to our lives from what we felt in the work? Although this world is not a world where the robot Taekwon V, which blows away bad guys with great kicks, can fly or sit on the clouds and relax as a god of clouds, it may at least be able to get rid of the agonizing pain that comes from ‘repetition’.

Things with the modifier ‘healing’ commonly say ‘finding pleasure in small things’. We have to paraphrase this in another way. What we have to do is to live the same life more faithfully every day and find the difference. I don’t know if this ‘different’ can be as enjoyable as Lee Jong-ho’s work, but maybe it will give me a reason to endure today and live again tomorrow. Rather than looking at life as a purgatory that repeats itself forever, think of it as breaking a year into months, months into weeks, weeks into days, days into hours, minutes, and seconds, and think of them as interrelated. Just as a work with flower pots in full bloom of peonies is not all there is to it, if you look at the work as a whole, then look at it more closely.

a view outside the car window

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 If you have endured the day today, why not close your eyes and think about it again slowly? If you could live the same day again as in the movie <About Time>, what choice would you make? Like the theme of the movie, today, you will realize that this time was never the same time as an ordinary day, and that it is not the same day as yesterday, nor is it the time to come tomorrow. If you have to walk the same path every day, try changing the angle of your gaze. There may be a strange flower that has sprung up against the asphalt. Or, you will be  looking at the shops lined up on the street with old-fashioned square signboards and the customers there with a different mind today. You will find that people have far more different facial expressions than you think.

“Like water, like clouds” does not mean uniformity at all. The cloud that has just left is not the cloud that will rise soon, and the water that has just flowed is not the water that has just flowed. So will our lives. Today’s me is not yesterday’s. It is a constantly moving being that has the potential to change at any time.

Editor Kim Ju Young